Animator - Graphic Artist - Web Developer

About Me

Name: Shubhavi Arya

Date of Birth: 7 October 1998

Nationality: Indian

Fields of Interest: Computer Science, Financial Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering


Personal Profile

I am a high school student pursuing A levels. I am always enthusiastic about everything I do and am always looking for opportunities that broaden my diverse experience and help me gain practical knowledge. My varied skills and perspectives have shaped my academic and career goals in a unique way. I am constantly looking for ways to give something back to the community and make a difference in the world. Outside the classroom I love reading, travelling, baking and listening to music. I am interested in computer science, research, web and app development, engineering, Model UN.

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Blogger at Task Force

Responsibilities Include:

  • • Writing blog articles on a range of topics relating to mass atrocities and genocide prevention on a weekly basis
  • • Using SEO blog marketing strategies and tactics
  • • Increase blog subscribers and expand STAND blog’s overall reach.

Ivy League Model United Nations India

JAN 2014 – OCT 2014
Outreach Envoy

Worked directly under the ILMUNC Secretary General and Charge d’affaires. Served as an ambassador for ILMUNC India. Outreached to over 100 schools in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and states in Eastern India (Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal). Contacted MUN Coordinators, high school principals and heads of schools for inviting their schools to ILMUNC India. Provided feedback to the members of secretariat on new ideas for outreach, marketing, social media marketing, sponsorships and partnerships.

Reims International Model United Nations

DEC 2013 – FEB 2013
Communications and Public Relations Manager for Asia, Vice-Chair for UN Environment Program

Worked directly under the RIMUN Secretary General and Director of Communications. Sent invitations to over 200 universities for attending RIMUN. Designed a flyer giving details about the conference. Wrote and submitted a recap article to Best Delegate organization ( Contacted UN Secretary General Ban-ki-moon’s office and got a letter from his office for RIMUN encouraging delegates to participate in Model UN.

Yale Model United Nations Korea

JAN 2014 - MAY 2014
Assistant Director in Economic and Financial Committee

Worked directly under the Under Secretary General of Committees and Director for Economic and Financial Committee. Identified potential examples for research under the topic area of ‘Ensuring equitable distribution of natural resources’. Edited the background guide in collaboration with the co-chairs. Received and collected position papers from the delegates. Researched the rentier state situations in Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Wrote the topic guide update on the diversification of rentier states.

American Society of News Editors

Student Advisory Board Member

Learnt about journalism. Participated in biweekly Twitter chats and interacted with special guests and professional journalists including Frank LoMonte, Executive Director of the Student Press Law Center. Interacted in the chat on topic ‘Mobile Video DIY’ with Mike Wheeler, the curator of, and discovered tips on recording and editing video on smartphones in regard to reporting from the field as a journalist. Only international member of the advisory board.

Viborg Animation Festival

Animator and Participant

Created animation movie ZAP using cutout animation techniques. Nominated for Eye of Animation Film Awards. Invited to an exchange program at the Center for Animationspædagogik, The Animation Workshop, Kasernevej, Viborg, Denmark. Learnt professional animation skills and had the opportunity to create animation for the Viborg Animation Festival during the exchange program. Saw the production process of big companies including Walt Disney.

Winter Special Olympics World Games

Trainer and Mentor for figure skating

Guided and demonstrated the skills and techniques of figure skating including spins, jumps, arabesque and footwork. Trained 4 skaters for women’s single, men’s single and pairs skating event. Assisted in costumes and choreography. My trained participants Raj Kumar Tiwari and Kirti Kalra won a gold medal in singles figure skating and silver medal in pairs skating event.

Concordia International School Shanghai MUN

Deputy President for Security Council

Co-Chaired the committee on Security Council. Researched and developed the topic guide on “Question of Syria, the decommissioning of Syrian chemical weapons and measures to bring the civil conflict to a just and timely conclusion.”

Model United Nations of Lubeck

Co-chair for Economic and Social Council

Prepared the research report on ‘addressing corruption and its effect on development’ as well as on ‘human resource development’. Corrected and advised delegates on their position papers along with my co-chairs.

Teen Friend

2013 - PRESENT
Founder and President

Founded the non-profit organization for assisting high school students and teenagers with social and emotional problems. Researched about potential solutions and national counseling programs for teenagers. Currently writing newsletters, articles and posters for Teen Friend. ‘Teen Friendzine’ – the Teen Friend magazine to be launched soon. Expanded Teen Friend on various social media networks. Developed the website for Teen Friend using HTML and CSS. Created a member account creation and online staff application management system using PHP. Designed and developed the logo for Teen Friend using Illustrator and other graphic softwares. Created a note taking app specifically aimed towards the Teen Friend community using X-code. Currently developing an online platform for high school and college students for publishing research papers and various high school projects using HTML, CSS, Java Script, Bootstrap, jQuery and OAuth.

Startup Click

2014 - PRESENT
Founder and CEO

Founded Startup Click based on the concept of establishing a business identity for startups. Developed the website using wordpress and PHP programming language. Cataloged the services (web development, app development, logo design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, client portal, google analytics, web hosting, e-commerce solutions, content writing and business email solutions). Set up official email accounts for Startup Click. Designed the logo.

Sree Arts

2013 - 2014
Artist in painting exhibitions by Sree Arts

Artist in ‘Sync’ painting exhibition held on 19-21 April 2013 at Epicentre, Gurgaon. Artist in ‘Yellow Spring’ painting exhibition held on 7-13 February 2014 at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi. Artist in ‘Tvak’ painting exhibition held on 14-17 August 2014 at Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Francaise De Delhi, New Delhi. Featured in the Sree Arts Asia Magazine. Received the ‘Most Promising Artist’ Award for the Yellow Spring exhibition.

Her Campus

High School Ambassador

Spread the word about Her Campus via creative projects, contests, and campaigns and served as a consultant to the Her Campus Team on high school trends and topics. Suggested ideas for articles and blog posts and gained advice through the Her Campus mentorship program.

Wannabe Scientist

Communications Intern

Coordinated with the Editor-In-Chief. Reached out to prominent people in the STEM industry. Gained STEM connections through linkedin. Collaborated and suggested ideas for increasing the scope of Wannabe Scientist.

Columbia Business School

Student in the Global Entrepreneurship Program

Learnt about phases of new venture planning. Assessed the market and industry for my venture idea. Formed competitive strategies. Used skills of creative problem solving, communication and negotiation, project management, financial analysis and collaborative leadership.

Tech Life Conference, Singapore


Tech Life is an international student run conference hosted by United World College of South East Asia, Singapore, where students exchange technology knowledge. Attended field trips and workshops on programming, creating games and coding. Interacted with the founder of Code Avengers through a video conference, representatives of Apple and had a live experience with the Google Glass.


JULY 2013 – OCT 2013
Adobe Certified Education Trainer

Completed 75 hours of online training from Adobe Education through the Adobe’s “Train the Trainer” course. Received certification from Adobe to provide training on Adobe tools and solutions to individuals and institutes.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

College Connection Program

Mentee in the College Connection Program by the MIT's Society of Women Engineers


Academic Skills


Graphic Skills


Software Skills





  • Effective problem solver
  • Tactful and patient communicator
  • Good team player
  • Success motivated



IB DP Scholarship

* Received scholarship worth S$10,000 for pursuing the IB Diploma Program at the German European School, Singapore. * Shortlisted for the IB Diploma Scholarship at the Global Indian International School, Singapore.

IB MYP Scholarship

Received scholarship worth S$63,962 for pursuing the IB Middle Years Program (Grade 9 and 10) at the Canadian International School, Singapore.

Verbal Commendation Award

Verbal Commendation Award at the United World College South East Asia Conference India (MUN) representing Venezuela in Special Political and Decolonization Committee

INCEF Scholarship

Received INCEF scholarship worth INR 600/year for 11 years for excelling at National level in Math, Science and English

Math & Science Olympiads

Participated in the American Math Competition 10B (2014), Cayley Math Contest (2014) by University of Waterloo, Galois Math Contest (2014) by University of Waterloo, Indian National State Physics Olympiad (NSEP) (2014), Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJCho) 2014. Participating in the International Mathematics Olympiad and International English Olympiad 2014 by Science Olympiad Foundation.

Assistant Director at HMUN China, ILMUNC China and YMGE

Selected as Assistant Director for Security Council at the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference China 2014. Selected as Assistant Director for Press Corps at the Haravard Model United Nations China 2014. Selected as Assistant Director for European Parliament at the Yale Model Government Europe, Hungary.

Singapore Dance Theatre

Learnt ballet at the Singapore Dance Theatre

Golden Snail International Animation Film Festival

My animated movie ZAP was screeened at the Golden Snail Internation Film Festival 2011, Serbia

Intern at Her Culture

HerCulture is an engaging online platform dedicated to expressing women's languages, traditions, customs, and cultures. As an international non-profit organisation it strives to bridge the gaps between different cultures and to draw us all into a united platform moving towards a global unity. As a part of the Share Culture team, my responsibilities include writing articles for Her Culture that get published in either their online Blog or bi-monthly magazine.

Asian Open Roller Skating Championship 2014

Silver medal in singles inline artistic skating

Certificate of Appreciation

Received a Certificate of Appreciation for accomplishing achievements at the international level from the Indian Government on the Independence Day 2013 and Republic Day 2014.

Achieve Thru Art Competition 2013 by Changi Airport, Singapore

Winner in category 4 (ages 15-17). My artwork 'Religions' was a winner of destination Chennai, India. My artwork 'Women of Different Countries' was a winner of destination Mumbai, India. My artwork 'Festivals' was a winner of destination Delhi, India. Received 3 return tickets to Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai as well as a $20 Changi Airport shopping voucher in the prize.

Harvard Model United Nations India 2013

Represented Eritrea in Special Political and Decolonization Committee

Think Sydney Think Singapore Airlines Contest 2011

Second Prize worth INR 10,000 in the ‘Think Sydney Think Singapore Airlines’ contest by Singapore Airlines

Writer and Contributor at the Smart Girls Loop

Smart Girls Group is a sisterhood with the mission of bringing the future of female leadership together. As a part of the Smart Girls sisterhood, I have the responsibility of write articles for Smart Girls Blog - The Smart Girls Loop.

Online Model United Nations (

Participated in global debates and Asia regional debates by O-MUN. Featured in O-MUN promotional video. Represented Algeria in Asia Regional Debate (Nov 2014).

Eye of Animation Film Festival 2012, Denmark

My animated movie ZAP was screened at the Eye of Animation Film Festival at the Animation Workshop, Denmark.

STAND : Student-Led Movement To End Mass Atrocities

Shortlisted for the STAND Managing Committee for the positions of Communications Coordinator and International Coordinator



  • • Course 'New Models of Business in Society' from University of Virginia
  • • Course 'Introduction to Mathematical Thinking' from Stanford University
  • • Course 'CS50' from Harvard University
  • • Adobe Certified Education Trainer